I LOVE Rocks and GemStones

After 50 years working in the healthcare industry as a nursing assistant, LVN and eventually an RN, the professional prohibition of wearing jewelry on a daily basis ended when I retired! I have always loved rocks and began collecting them as a child on the desert in Arizona where I grew up. Later I added faceted gemstones to my collection. After I retired, I found a whole new opportunity to turn my collected stones into something even more special. I began wire wrapping by attending every class and watching every You-tube tutorial I came across. I have recently added very simple silversmithing to my passion and expanded my use of faceted gemstones. Like many women who have worked at very rewarding careers, I wasn't sure what life would offer after Nursing...I found an incredible way to fill my time.
AmahokDesigns came into being about four years ago as I began to attend sales events. Meeting so many incredible people along the way has been wonderful.
Opening an Etsy store has been a very scary thing, but offers opportunities to share my love of the unique pieces I produce with more of you. I hope you gain enjoyment as you look through the store. Please let me hear from you. I hope many of you will join me as I travel around to various events. If we are at an event together, please come to the booth and introduce yourself. I truly enjoy putting faces to names. It will also help to make Etsy less scary!!!